Again, Northern group applauds Tinubu over suspension of Bawa

*Urges arrest of other accomplices

A Northern group, the Arewa Civil Society Organization (ACO), has lauded President Bola Ahmed Tinubu over suspension of the embattled Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Abdulrasheed Bawa.

The group also called for the arrest of all his allies indicted in the allegations of his misdeeds.

In a statement signed by Chairman of the group, Adamu Aminu Musa, he said that “the suspension of Bawa is a stich in time that will save a few more than nine, because Bawa has constantly and continuously abuse and miss-use his powers and office, engaging in various corrupt practices.”

According to Musa, “as Chairman of the EFCC, Bawa failed to comply with Section 6 of the establishment Act 2004 which empowers EFCC to combat economic and financial crimes, thereby enabling the Commission to prevent, investigate, prosecute and penalize economic and financial crimes. Hence, suspending him is the first step towards making things right in the fight against corruption.”

Adding: “We have been vindicated for our earlier stance on calling for the removal of Bawa, now the President has listened, this is very courageous and exemplary, and we must commend him for taking this bold and righteous decision. More so, most of our grievances that made us took that stance, are the reasons the DSS invited the suspended Chairman for questioning.

“They include various charges of abuse of office, accused of stealing and selling dozens of petrol-bearing trucks confiscated from suspected looters, auctioning them off to his proxies at ridiculous prices while he was in charge of the Port Harcourt office of the EFCC and alleged violation of the code of conduct for public officers by owning properties beyond his legitimate income.

“During Bawa’s tenure as Chairman, EFCC did not obey court orders. They gave contrary orders that arm-twisted the bank, running a lot of interferences in corruption investigations in other to stop cases against friends, allies, family and anyone willing to play their dirty games, making money through plea bargains with backing from his godfather and benefactor”, the group alleged.

Musa also added that whatever crimes Bawa committed could not have been done alone. “Therefore his co-perpetrators, including those who shielded him should also be invited for questioning by the Department of State Security (DSS).

“The DSS must continue to hold Bawa and his co-perpetrators to get all the answers needed. The EFCC has lost its credibility and bearing and has dented the fight against corruption, making Nigerians to no longer believe in it.

“Therefore, we advise Mr. President to carry out an overhaul and holistic change or dissolve of EFCC completely and replace it with a more reliable anti-graft agency that will stand the taste of time.”