Mobile phones banned from classrooms in Netherlands

The Netherlands, on Tuesday, said it will ban mobile phones from classrooms in a bid to stop tech disrupting lessons.

Mobiles, tablets and smartwatches are getting in the way of students’ learning and will not be allowed in class from next year, the Dutch government said.

“There is increasing evidence that mobile phones have a harmful effect during lessons,” it said. “Pupils are less able to concentrate and their performance suffers.”

“For this reason, mobile phones, as well as tablets and smartwatches, will no longer be allowed in classrooms from January 1, 2024.”

The government is asking school authorities to agree internal rules with teachers, parents and pupils by October.

The country’s centre-right coalition has not yet imposed a formal ban, but says it reserves the right to do so after measuring progress next year.

Education Minister Robbert Dijkgraaf told parliament he hopes the move will usher in a “cultural transformation” and improve learning.