Nigerians migrate to Trump’s Truth Social app over Twitter’s restrictions

The new policy of Twitter that prescribes restrictions on the number of tweets users can read on the platform in a day is forcing many Nigerians to migrate to Truth Social as an alternative microblogging App. 

Although Twitter has rescinded the policy, this has not deterred many users from migrating to Truth Social. 

Truth Social was founded by ex-U.S. President Donald Trump after he was permanently banned from Twitter over an allegation that he incited the rioters who attacked the U.S Capitol building in January 2021.  

Until Twitter announced restrictions on the number of tweets users can read in a day, Truth Social was not very popular among Nigerians. 

But after Twitter users started having difficulty logging into the App because of the restrictions placed on the platform, Truth Social became famous. 

Truth Social even mocked Twitter saying, “Reminder: On Truth Social you can read,  posts as many truths as you want – all for free.”

The development however, has been greeted by reactions from some Nigerians, who tell  their experience on the Truth Social platform.

@MrBlackOG said, “Truth Social has crashed due to a high number of Twitter refugees invading the app.”

@BOGbadams said, “Join me on Truth Social. @bogbadamosi.”

@gimbakakanda said, “Among all the social media platforms to adopt as an alternative to Twitter, you have chosen TRUTH Social, one founded by Donald Trump—an unabashed and documented promoter of far-right extremism.

“Trust me, you would be better off in Elon Musk’s prison than in Trump’s penthouse,” he added.

@MissPearls said: “My Mentions on Truth Social is Going Wild Already Even Before I Posted My First Truth. So, That’s It; Its Either Twitter Or Truth.”