Outrage as mass failures hit GTBank transaction channels

Many Nigerians are currently unable to carry out transactions using their Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) applications.

This is as a result of a major outage that has affected different transaction channels of the bank.

An aggrieved customer said he started experiencing the problem after GTBank launched a new app for its customers on Wednesday.

He said the problem reached its peak on Saturday after attempts to use the app and 737 code failed.

“I went to a branch nearby to use the ATM for transfer, but still it did not work,” said the customer who simply identified himself as Omezia.

After launching the new app, the bank had told customers that it would discontinue support for the old version of GTWorld by August 12.

Many customers had downloaded the new app but have been unable to make use of it.

Several GTBank customers took to Twitter to express grievances over the inability to to use banking services.

They also displayed screenshots to back up their claims.

Below are some of such comments:

Tweeting via, @gimbakakanda, one Gimba Kakanda, said: “Innalillah. I was here laughing at those who had rushed to update their @gtbank app, only to find out that mine had updated automatically. It’s gonna be a long weekend.”

@detolani said: “Now this is just totally messed up! @gtbank @gtbank_help. Locked out of my account because of your “upgraded” app. Worst part of all this outrage from everyone using Gtb is that no one would be held accountable within the system! How can you screw up this badly?!”

@Mayor38: “GTB una no dey try. After updating your app to log I. Became a problem. Thank God I could revert back to the old one easyly #gtbank DON’T INSTALL THE NEW GT WORLD APP YET”.

@_DiorBaby: “UPDATE If you are using Android and you are having issues logging in to your GTbank mobile app due to the new update. You can redownload the old version of the App from the Palm store. The old version is still there. Peter Obi 25% in FCT Qudus Buhari.”

@ShegunTweets: “I swear it shall not be well with @gtbank. nobody asked them for a new app, they now did it and locked out millions of users just because they refuse to send otp code. since July 12th I’ve not been able to do anything for bast’s sake. is this not madness???”

However, a message from the bank shared by a Facebook user, Lere Olayinka, reads : “We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

Please be informed that we are aware of the downtime, and this is receiving attention and resolution is ongoing.

Please bear with us as the updated platforms will be up and running in no time.

Kindly use the internet banking or the USSD platform to initiate your transaction.

“Thank you. ”