Police, repentant thugs to play football match in Kano

The Kano State Police Command has said that it will play a football match with some repentant thugs as part of an innovative approach to help them transform their lives positively.

The State’s Commissioner of Police, Muhammed Gumel, made this known on Thursday during a press conference while parading 108 suspects arrested for various crimes during the last Sallah celebration.

He emphasised the importance of adopting a different strategy to ensure the rehabilitation and reintegration of former criminals.

“We will develop a different approach to make sure these thugs are changing their lives and becoming better people. We will even organize sports competitions with them. We will play a football match, and we will play an indoor match,” Gumel said.

He further highlighted the Police Command’s focus on tackling the rising prevalence of thuggery activities within the Kano metropolis.

The Police Commissioner revealed the names of suspected thug kingpins, who were invited to report to the nearest police station, saying failure to do so would result in their declaration as wanted criminals, leading to their arrest and facing the full force of the law.

They included Burakita of Dorayi Karama Quarters, Messi of Kan Tudun Dala, Dan Boss of Dala Makabarta, Ado Runto of Tudun Fulani, Baffa Killer of Mazaunar Tanko Quarters, and Kamilu Duna of Adakawa Quarters, among others.

“Our eyes are now focusing on the emerging thuggery (daba) activities, especially within the Kano metropolis.

“Going forward on this, we have set out operational strategies with robust intelligence gathering on the early warning signs, and our assets are already in place towards surmounting all forms of the underlying crimes and criminality around the state,” Gumel stated.

However, the announcement of the football match between the police and repentant thugs has garnered mixed reactions from the public.

While some individuals appreciate the effort to rehabilitate former criminals, others expressed concerns about the potential risks involved in engaging individuals with a criminal background.

The Kano State Police Command reiterated its commitment to their rehabilitation and is taking necessary precautions to ensure the safety and security of all participants.