Saudi: Nearly 20M worshippers benefit from Grand Mosque sermon interpretations – SPA

Nearly 20 million people worldwide have benefited from an interpretation service for sermons delivered at the Grand Mosque, Makkah in Saudi Arabia, since the start of Ramadhan in March, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

The service aims to spread the message of sermons to the widest possible audience around the world.

“The Language and Translation Agency has selected qualified interpreters and technicians to translate and transmit sermons and religious lessons that are given at the Grand Mosque, and to make the most of the service around the clock through the Manarat Al-Haramain platform and FM Radio,” said Ahmed Al-Hamidi, Vice President of the Republic for Languages ​​and Translation.

Ramadhan usually marks the peak of the Umrah season at the Grand Mosque.

The number of worshipers at the site reached more than 22 million in the first twenty days of Ramadhan, according to official Saudi figures.

Saudi Press Agency