Submit your personnel cost, Lagos govt directs MDAs

The Lagos State Ministry of Establishments and Training has directed Ministries, Departments and Agencies of the state government to submit three copies of their personnel cost details ahead of a scheduled bilateral discussion commencing on July 10, 2023.

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Establishments and Training, Mr Olawale Musa, stated in a statement on Tuesday that the bilateral discussion was to facilitate the mandatory return of the state-wide personnel cost to the Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget for the inclusion in the state’s year 2024 annual budget.

Musa stressed that the personnel cost budget would be on a programme-based budget model, adding that a virtual sensitisation webinar would be conducted for Accounting Officers, Directors of Admin and Human Resources, and their Schedule Officers on issues relating to the personnel budget.

According to the statement, Musa also advised Accounting Officers and Chief Executive Officers of ministries and parastatals to lead their teams to the bilateral discussion.

He warned that failure on the part of the Accounting Officers to do this would mean that their MDAs would not be attended to.

“All MDAs are required to submit three copies of their personnel cost details, which must be in Microsoft Excel in hard and soft (formats), 48 hours before its bilateral meeting for vetting,” Musa said.

The Ministry of Establishments and Training prepares and supervises personnel cost estimates of the state government as part of its statutory functions.