Subsidy: Revert to five working days from July 10, Kwara govt tells civil servants

The Kwara State government has rescinded its directive of three working days for civil servants. It last month reduced the five days to three to cushion the effects of subsidy removal.

 Head of Service, Modupe Oluwole, then said government took the temporary measure to ease the burden on workers.

 However, the notice of return to five working days was contained in a June 26 letter to Heads of Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs). It said the Federal Government and labour be allowed to work out modalities on more efficient interventions to ameliorate the effects of subsidy removal.

 The letter, signed by Okedare Adeyinka, on behalf of Mrs. Oluwole, reads: “For this reason, it has become imperative to revert to the former state of affairs, where civil servants observe five working days pending when a position is reached by the government and labour.

“I am therefore directed to inform all Heads of Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs) that the reduced number of working days has been reversed. Hence, all categories of workers are to observe the normal five working days per week, with effect from July 10.

 “Workers not covered in the initial workday reduction, which lasted a few days, will have stipends given to them as a show of appreciation. Kindly, give the content of this circular widest coverage.

 “It will be recalled that the government, in a bid to address the challenges brought about by the removal of fuel subsidy, reduced the number of working days from five days to three. This policy was a show of good faith on the part of the government, albeit a stopgap measure, pending a more cohesive national policy response that caters for all.

 “Consequently, the Federal Government and the organised labour are now working out modalities on more efficient interventions to cushion the effect of the subsidy removal. This is expected to be unveiled very soon.”