Tinubu inaugurates National Economic Council

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has inaugurated the National Economic Council (NEC), with a promise to sustain the rejuvenation of the nations economy.

Addressing members Governors of the federation, President Tinubu charged the council to join forces to support his administration towards transforming the nations economy.

He reminded the council of the promise made during his inaugural speech that he would focus on 8 priority areas including Security, Economy, Job creation, Agriculture and Infrastructure among others.

President Tinubu further noted that the task of the growing the economy is quite enormous but he and the Governors should have no reason to complain, as he underlined the need harness the Nations potentials to stimulate serious growth.

The inauguration comes a week after he directed NEC to meet and come up with interventions to mitigate the effects of the petroleum subsidy.

The president who subsequently inaugurated the NEC, concluded by reminding the members of NEC that collaboration is not a crime.